"Music is the key that opens the door to my greatest  emotions. It stirs in me the highest, most exalted epiphany. It's that moment when my hairs stand on end, as I discover that one note, melody, or chord which reminds me once again there is something greater than what we see and hear on this terrestrial plane."
Stephen Rivera

Music Studio


  • Cubase
  • Pro Tools
  • Sonar
  • Sony Sound Forge
  • CD Architect
  • MusicWrite Notation Software
  • Nero Burning Rom
  • MidiOX Midi Utilities
  • Monkey's Audio
  • N-Track
  • Musiclab


  • AMD 2.6G Music Workstation
  • Tascam US-428 Digital Audio Controller
  • Zoom RFX 200 Digital Reverb & Multi Effects
  • Samson 24  Channel Stereo Mixer
  • Commercial Speed DSL Lines
  • Senheiser Mics
  • M-Audio StudioPhile Bi-amped Studio Monitors
  • Logitech 5.1 Surround System Monitors & Subwoofer
  • KLH Monitors
  • EPI Speakers
  • Kenwood KR-A4030 Receiver


  • Yamaha P80 Digital Grand Piano
  • Alesis QS6 Synth
  • Kurzweil SP76
  • Casio Wk3000 Workstation
  • Evolution Mk-461c Controller
  • Miditech Midistudio Controller


  • Red Pearl Drum Kit with complete Cymbals & percussion suite
  • Zoom RT-323 & electronic drum pads

Guitars & Basses:

  • Ibanez GAX 70 Customized Electric Guitar w/ Custom Pickups, Maple Finish
  • Yamaha  RBX-264 Bass Guitar w/ Custom Pickups, Red Finish
  • Alvarez Acoustic Guitar


  • Crate KX-220 Keyboard Amp
  • Crate Bass Amp
  • Fender Frontman 24-R Guitar Amp
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